Episode 45

Resilience, sweaty stumps and off to business school - Stef Reid

Published on: 16th March, 2021

Stef Reid is aiming for a third Paralympics for GB in the Long Jump.

She tells us about the issues facing amputees in the extremes of weather - the cold British winter and hot humid conditions of Tokyo.

She also reveals on the podcast that she's been accepted for a prestigious further education course. Stef talks about resilience and how that's tested with the niggles and injuries of daily life

Stef is planning life after sport. And we chat about the things she's done about that in the past, including auditioning to be a weather forecaster.

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I’ve covered 5 Olympic and 5 Paralympic Games at home and abroad. Tokyo 2020 was to have been numbers 6. So how are the athletes preparing during Covid times. And what are they learning in the run up to the Games. The Podcast lasts around 10 mins and comes out daily, Monday to Friday. I’m also using it to raise money for Maggie’s Cancer Centres to thank them for the help they’ve given my wife and family during her bowel cancer journey.
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